Essentials for Your Next Interview

It may seem like common sense and it is to some extent, but this short list of things you should bring to your next interview can point out some obvious things we might tend to forget are there. Kind of like when you look in the refrigerator for the milk and just can’t seem to find it. Only to close the door in frustration to open it up again in disbelief and having the milk staring back at you from front and center in your fridge.

The first thing discussed in the article is directions to the interview. This is critical, always leave a 10-15 minute cushion in the amount of time you allocate to get there. You will almost always be glad you did. What I like to do before any interviews or important meetings is to drive to the interview / meeting location a day or two in advance just to become familiar with the area roads, traffic and parking arrangements. This puts me at ease the day of the interview and gives me a chance to focus on how I would like it to unfold.

Follow the link to read on: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/the-six-things-you-need-to-bring-to-a-job-interview-a6823371.html

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