Is Your Resume Obsolete?

In today’s day and age resumes just don’t seem to play quite the role that they used to. Once upon a time it was one of few ways that employers had to get to know potential candidates. Today however there is much less emphasis on your resume as there used to be, with the rise of technology and networking sites such as LinkedIn. Any part of your job hunt strategy these days needs to include some special attention to your LinkedIn profile.

A quick internet search will turn up results for professional writers as well as tips for optimizing your LinkedIn page. I found a really helpful article to help get you started:

Along with LinkedIn keep in mind that employers will search out potential candidates through other online social media apps and websites like facebook and snapchat among others. Don’t advertise any information in your online profiles that you would not like any current or potential employer to see.

Resumes do still have plenty of value as they will be the first thing most employers and recruiters ask for once they have an interest in you. More and more these days social networking is was brings recruiters/potential employers and candidates together at which point that resume will be requested. At this point you want to make sure you can have confidence in your career documents. You want your resume and cover letter to make a good impression for sure, but you also want to save yourself the worry of not knowing if your documents are going to be up to par. There is plenty of free advice out on the internet to guide you in writing your own resume and improving your LinkedIn profile. I know this process can feel overwhelming to a lot of people. I am here to help at anytime if you need some advice, have questions or if you would like a free resume assessment. If there is anything I might be able to assist you with please don’t hesitate to email me at

Good luck on your job hunt!


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