The Importance of Having a Resume

In my years of experience hiring employees it still surprises me how many people do not have a resume. Not having a resume tells a potential employer (right or wrong) that you are kind of just floating by life with no aspirations for yourself or a career. Even when applying for the most menial of jobs you should have a resume. Just the fact alone that you have one will set you apart from most candidates. Do yourself a favor and spend some time at least putting together a work history. You can include additional relevant information later on. On your resume you want to document the company(s) you have worked for, job title and describe your responsibilities. You also want to keep track of any special accomplishments along the way. No accomplishment is too small. If you got a 3% raise and everyone else got 2% highlight that on your resume. If you trained a new employee in any way, shape or form make sure you mention that too. When it come to listing accomplishments it is a matter of your perception of these accomplishments that determines how your potential employers will feel about it. If you are proud of the work you have done it will show on your resume and will certainly show when it come time for that face to face interview.

Take the time to create a resume as there are few documents in life that have as much of an effect on your life as your resume does. Your job effects your personal life and your personal life effects your job. It is a cycle where these two parts of your life feed off of each other. Make sure you are increasing your odds of success by taking the time and willingness to write your resume. If you don’t have the time or are intimidated by the resume writing process, hire a professional like me. It will be money well spent. Follow the link below for some helpful resume writing tips.


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