6 Seconds to Impress

6 seconds is the amount of time it would take you to watch the world’s dumbest Vine video (and there are plenty to choose from). 6 seconds is also all the attention you can expect your resume to get from a recruiter or HR professional at first glance. According to the eye-tracking study completed by theladders.com most job seekers imagine that hiring managers and recruiters spend 4-5 minutes reviewing our resumes. Job seekers could not be more disillusioned. Recruiters are looking for key information such as :

-Current Position / Current Company
-Past Position / Company
– Job Tenure Length

And so it follows, that having a very clear, concise and organized resume is extremely important. If it takes longer than 6 seconds to find this information chances are your resume is going to find it’s way into the round filing cabinet rather quickly. As a hiring manager, initially you are looking to narrow down the list of candidates quickly. You are looking for any outstanding and obvious errors or omissions in order to find 3-4 candidates to pursue for phone interviews. Disorganized and error prone resumes will quickly be culled from the pile. Don’t let your resume get thrown in the trash. Spend some time to create a document that is easy to read. If not, hire a professional to create a resume for you. The time or money you sepnd creating your resume is definitely time well spent. Make sure you make your 6 seconds count. Read the article at the link below.


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